10 Reality Dating Couples So Bad They Ruined The Season, According To Reddit


The latest season of Love Island is on air and fans are taking to the internet to voice their opinions about the couples, bringing to mind other reality TV couples who singlehandedly ruined their season of the show.

Reality TV stars often use their fame to leverage deals and followers via their social media accounts, and because of this, many of these stars will act in any way they can acquire said fame. However, not all fame is created equally. These stars were often seen as villas or just downright ruined the season for viewers.

Chris & Shanley (Are You The One)

Shanley and Chris T from Are You The One sitting on a couch

The premise of Are You the One Surrounds 10 single women and 10 single men who attempt to match themselves up based on a “scientific” matchmaking process. If they can successfully match up all 10 couples, they split $1,000,000. The first season featured a lot of experimenting in terms of what worked and what didn’t to match up.


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One couple, Chris and Shanley, were convinced they were a match even though they hadn’t proven it, resulting in the rest of the cast feeling like they were putting themselves over the rest of the group. Redditor iDiditNoiDidnt said, “The whole house was telling them how it works to win the money though. They didn’t care. was apathy.”

Gianina & Damian (Love Is Blind)

In Love is Blind, couples meet and get to know one another through “pods” and try to make strong enough connections that they feel ready to get engaged without ever seeing the other person. While many couples found a fiancé, once they were out of the pods, the reality of their relationship became a tough pill to swallow.

One couple, Gianina and Damian, were toxic the second they stepped foot out of the pods. Redditor spatty250 said, “ever since GG told Damian that “he was bad in bed” in front of the entire world (and it will be replayed for his entire life), he has been acting out and doing everything he can to hurt her. Her actually saying that was crazy and the end of their relationship, she just didn’t know it!”

Rob & Amber (Survivor)

Rob Mariano and Amber Berkich smiling at their tribe's beach on Survivor All Stars

Rob and Amber have been Survivor royalty for a long time, especially Rob. Not only that. but they dominated The Amazing Race, as well. They’re an extremely competitive couple that excels at these types of competitions. It’s no surprise they were asked to be a part of Survivor: All-Starsbut their attitudes rubbed a lot of people the wrong way this season.

Rob has a magnetic effect on the people around him that makes them want to be in his orbit. Amber and Rob had a budding romance in All-Stars but many fans felt that it bordered on codependency. Redditor dps888821 said, “yes they were annoying but mainly Rob. I loved Amber in AO but her being attached to Rob in All Stars always annoyed me.”

Art & JJ (Amazing Race)

Art and JJ from the amazing race posing together

Though Art and JJ aren’t romantically involved, they were a pair on The Amazing Race that many fans were happy to see lose in the final episode. They were arrogant and constantly attacked “the teachers” like it was their mission in life. In fact, many fans on Reddit find Art and JJ the most unbearable couple from the series.

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Redditor PrrogressiveScout said, “Take a look at Art or JJ’s social media. They’re even bigger maniacs than the show would lead you to believe. I probably won’t watch again if they’re invited back.” Art and JJ were on season 20 and season 31, so there’s a good chance they could be asked back again for an All-Star type season.

Luann & Tom (Real Housewives Of New York)

RHONY Tom Luann

In season 8 of RHONY, Luann met Tom D’Agostino and after a quick three to four weeks of dating, they were engaged. The entirety of season 8 was about their toxic relationship and the fact that Tom cheated on Luann the day before their engagement party. Despite the cheating, Luann forgave him and didn’t want to hear any more rumors about him cheating, even if they were true.

On why Luann refuses to hear anything negative about Tom and continued with the wedding, Redditor Scurvytherainbow harshly claimed, “because Luann is a raging narcissist and needy as f***. She wants attention, all eyes on her all the time and then when it all blows up, she wants all the sympathy because she’s the victim here.”

Lauren & Josh (Love Island)

Lauren and Josh posing together and smiling

Appearing on season 1 of love island, Lauren made headlines before the show even aired when she met Zayn Malik and got a photo with him that went wildly viral. Redditors speculated that’s the reason she was asked on the show because she wasn’t the typical Love Island girl.

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Redditor ohhihollyo said, “I think the producers were banking on the whole Zayn Malik debacle to grab viewers attention, and Lauren was just collateral damage. Saying that, Josh was absolutely disgusting in the way he acted to all the women, but that’s season one for you.”

Spencer & Heidi (The Hills)

Spencer and Heidi on The Hills

Spencer and Heidi or “Speidi” are notorious for being the most villainous couple in all of reality TV. Spencer has been speaking out about his cartoonal on the show on his TikTok and claims everything negative shown about him and Heidi was fabricated and that the producers asked them to fight for a better storyline.

Despite this, fans still remember the way they felt watching his and Heidi’s relationship deteriorate, most notably, Heidi and LC. Redditor Doggowinemom said, “Spencer single handedly costs Heidi all her friends. Her entire family hates him… She essentially lost her job because of him (her boss & the CEO of the company blatantly told her that they don’t approve of him” ).”

Jax & Laura-Leigh (Vanderpump Rules)

Laura-Leigh and Jax sitting together at Sur

The early seasons of Vanderpump Rules are reality TV gold, but many fans feel that once Stassi, Kristen, Jax, and Brittany left, the show was not the same. They deserved to be fired, but the series had a hard time coming back from the event. Jax was always a problem-starter and usually dragged his friends and girlfriends into it with him.

In season 1, Jax and Stassi were on the rocks after he cheated on Stassi, so with his tail between his legs, he dated the most innocent server, Laura-Leigh. Redditor nicholkola said, “notice he only goes after emotionally vulnerable women? He’s like seeking them out like Ted Bundy,” making a disturbing allusion.

Jenna & Adam (Below Deck Sailing Yacht)

Jenna and Adam looking at each other in the crew mess

Below Deck “Boatmances” are guaranteed to happen on any given season of the show. But when the two highest ranking crew (besides the Captain) started a romantic relationship, it didn’t fare well with viewers. Redditor CountessDeLessoops said, “Jenna and Adam held higher rank than the other crew which is a shi**y situation for anyone stuck working under them. It’s a lot easier to cope with when it’s a coworker rather than a superior.”

Adam is also notoriously narcissistic (a la season 2 Below Deck Med), so seeing him shack up with another crewmate was off-putting. Despite her dating Adam, Jenna is still one of the best chief stews from Below Deck.

Sammie & Ron (Jersey Shore)

Sammi and Ron Jersey Shore

Sammie and Ron are probably one of the most toxic and vile couples to ever grace reality TV screens. From the beginning of their relationship, they fought over every minute thing and continued to fight through almost every season of Jersey Shore.

Redditor StarRosa28 said, “I just can’t express enough how frustrating it is to see the clear TOXIC ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR. And what kills me is that none of the roommates or production did anything to stop it.” Even when Jenny and Nichole tried to warn Sammie about Ron’s behavior, it blew up in their faces and they gave up trying to help her again.

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