Anderson’s after-school karate boss, community mentor Enoch Paul dies

Enoch Paul Jr., with his chiseled arms and the heart of a mentor, helped thousands of Anderson area kids over three decades as a karate instructor and leader of popular after school programs.

Paul died in the hospital from complications due to COVID-19, Anderson County Coroner Greg Shore said.

Around a hundred of Paul’s former karate students speckled the crowd Tuesday at his funeral at NewSpring Church in Anderson, where his son Hykeng is the Unity & Diversity Director.

“He wanted to make sure that all of his kids knew karate and everybody in Anderson County knew karate, and Abbeville. People knew him as Sensei,” Hykeng said at the funeral. “I see so many of you in here with karate uniforms on, it has warmed my heart.”

His son shared the many names his father was called.

Sensei. Eve Knievel. Herc, short for Hercules.

For his son, hero. Especially because of Paul’s faith and leadership.

Enoch Paul, Jr.  of.  Enoch Karate shakes hands with people during the 2019 City of Anderson Christmas Parade in Anderson.

Growing up, Hykeng said his dad didn’t always know how to give encouragement but now he knows what was behind the big, tough muscles: “he ain’t nothing but a big teddy bear,” Hykeng said with a smile.

Bryant Moss has been friends with Paul for around 20 years and had originally gone to Paul for workout advice, he told the crowd at Paul’s funeral.

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