Branding, marketing are keys to business success


Marc L. Goldberg

As a marketer, you have been exposed to a variety of different terms that define what is done in building both business and nonprofit awareness. Many individuals view marketing and branding as one in the same. But they are different. Branding is focused on the heart and marketing is focused on the mind. Branding is linking values, emotions and connections. Marketing is making sure that buyers understand and believe in the brand and what it offers.

In the 1950’s Philip Kotler at Northwestern University coined the word “marketing”. He defined it as everything an organization does from the time it perceives the need for a product or service until it is in the hands of the ultimate consumer.

Marketing drives awareness of an organization’s brand. Its role is to build awareness in the mind of buyers so they see no suitable substitute for the product or service that is being offered.

Branding is the personality of an organization and marketing is how the brand is communicated.

It is commonly understood that there are seven “P”s of marketing. They are: product, price, promotion, place, people, process and physical evidence. There are four types of brands: corporate, personal, product and service brands. We are going to focus on corporate, product and service brands.


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