Ford Expedition fire risk notice too late for Ohio family: ‘I’m angry’


Erin Walker pulled her 2021 Ford Expedition into the garage at her home in Wadsworth, Ohio, as her 6-month-old son Braden slept in his car seat on a typical Monday afternoon.

“I ran to town, went to Rite Aid pharmacy, went through the car wash, got my mail out of the mailbox and drove up the driveway into my garage like I did millions of times before,” Walker told the Free Press.

She closed the garage door, walked into her home and put the baby down. Then, all of a sudden, Walker heard a loud alarm.

She had no idea what was happening, then realized it was her car alarm. But she had left her key fob in the car, so Walker knew she hadn’t hit the panic button by mistake.

Firefighters battle a blaze at the home of Brian Nowak and Erin Walker in Wadsworth, Ohio on Nov.  29, 2021 after their 2021 Ford Expedition caught fire after it was parked and turned off in their garage.

“I opened the door to the garage and there were flames shooting out from underneath the hood on the passenger side,” Walker said. “I did a quick double-take. Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing? I slammed the garage door, ran into the kitchen, grabbed the fire extinguisher from under the sink and went back to try and put the fire out. But it came back as quickly as I was putting it out.”


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