From The Exes To The Affairs, And Finally To His Forever


Clint Eastwood has undoubtedly acquired a massively impressive film resume. He first achieved success with his Western TV series Rawhide and then went on to rise to international fame in Sergio Leone’s Dollars Trilogy, notably playing the character of the “Man with No Name.” He then registered various other roles though admittedly, at the time, the proverbial man still had that question, “Who is Clint Eastwood?

But he soon proved to be a name worthy of being remembered, especially by women.

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The suave actor, who was described by Pauline Kael as “six feet four of a lean, tough saint, blue-eyed and shaggy-haired, with a rugged, creased, careworn face that occasionally breaks into a mischief-filled grin,” caught women’s hearts as easily as he played anti-hero roles. Though his irresistible heartthrob vibe and his fondness for the ladies turned out to be quite a handful, he got himself into a couple of affairs.

This could all get confusing, so we’re taking you down with us to every chapter of Clint Eastwood’s romantic history.

The First Wife: Maggie Johnson, 1953 – 1984