How To Build A Sex Room: 9 Thoughts I Had While Watching The Netflix Design Show


If there’s one thing we love in the good ol’ US of A. it’s watching strangers go through the trials, triumphs, and contractor-induced headaches involved with spending loads of cash to renovate their homes. We have whole networks devoted to shows about such pursuits, but if you’ve tired of watching the open-plan kitchen/living room combos and spacious, luxury home offices come to fruition, there might be a recently released show on the 2022 Netflix TV schedule that’s made for you: How To Build A Sex Room. Never let it be said that this year’s TV premieres were incapable of surprising us.

How To Build A Sex Room (which has gotten a lot of attention from the internet) follows interior designer Melanie Rose as she helps eight couples and one singleton create the pleasure palaces of their dreams. Well, when I say “palace” I really mean bedroom/master suite/lounging area/dungeon, but who’s quibbling over semantics when we can dig into all the intriguing thoughts I had while watching How To Build A Sex Room? Let’s go!

(Image credit: Netflix)

Where Does Melanie Rose Get Her Shoes?

I know, I know! This is a show about sexy stuff and here I am thinking about shoes. But, I can honestly say that from the first time sex room doyenne Melanie Rose appeared on screen I wanted to know where she got those shoes! I’m a woman who believes comfort and style can go together, and our friend Melanie has a wonderful collection of completely practical tennis shoes (or sneakers, whichever you prefer) that are also perfectly gorgeous and coordinate well with her many “I’m a fancy lady” outfits. What’s not to love?

melanie rose talks to a couple in front of bondage gear in how to build a sex room

(Image credit: Netflix)

How Could Any Of These Couples Think That Their Sex Rooms Will Be A Secret For Long?


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