Imagine If Dodge Revived The Plymouth Barracuda In Pink

There’s a reason why everyone is talking about the return of the dodges Barracuda, Americas can’t shake off legends, and Timothy Adry Emmanuel has reminded us why. Through his Instagram page @adry53Customs on Sunday, the concept car artist unleashed the images of his Pink Panther SRT Barracuda concept design version.

“Not sure if Dodge has the guts to bring this color back to their lineup, but pretty sure it will be wild if they did,” he commented. His concept design, shot by the river, only brings back muscle car memories from the ’60s. The pink concept car with decals on the side and the top mimicking an AAR Cuda and TA look is an upgraded version of the relic, with impressive good looks, with good old American track aggression.

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The aggressive decals, TA look design, and pink panther pattern are overshadowing. In the comment section, he was quick to admit that the pink pattern was, in fact, a mistake, and he was still unable to fix the tilling effects on the metallic flakes.

Reviving The Barracuda In Pink

The vintage Barracuda is a true legend. In the 1960s and 1970s, the vintage muscle car was a darling of American tuners, handbuilt for its prestigious speed and unrivaled aggression on asphalt. It’s a perfect time capsule, a trip down memory lane, possibly the most exciting period in American automotive history. It explains why the Barracuda is still the most valuable and sort-after American muscle car of all time.

Today, an immaculate vintage version on the Cuda could fetch up to six and, on some rare occasions, seven figures in an auction – a reason why Timothy Ardy’s Instagram post garnered thousands of likes in a couple of minutes from lovers and enthusiasts as well. The comment section was filled with fans cheering on the concept idea. “Bring back the pink and put a green banana on the splitter,” and “That would be awesome if they brought back pink for another limited edition run” were some of the captivating comments.

2021 Dodge Barracuda comeback

For decades, Dodge has been under pressure to bring back the track legend, with a lot of rumors flying of what to expect from the 2021 Dodge Barracuda. It has been said that the new version of Barracuda will replace the SRT Challenger. Many details on the new version were to be released in 2020, but it seems Dodge fans will have to wait a little bit longer for an update.

It would be amazing to have this concept car design picked by someone, but until then, the Cuda goes into the hall of fame as America’s most iconic muscle car.

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