ió fibrewater releases “UK’s first” prebiotic fibre-infused water


Created by co-founders Alyssa Reid, Mohsin Laginaf, and Jay Curthan, ió fiberwater is the first product launched by The Prebiotic Company.

The founders of ió fibrewater discovered that prebiotic fibre, and in particular, chicory root fibre, otherwise known as inulin, feeds friendly bacteria, commonly referred to as probiotics.

“With numerous studies supporting improved sleep, mood, and digestive health issues, and the potential to boost the immune system, we were keen to see if chicory root fiber made a difference for us.”​ says Alyssa Reid, co-founder, ió fiberwater.

Re-imagining fiber with chicory root

The brand’s founders wanted to create a product that was innovative and different in using prebiotic fiber because of the amount of scientific evidence supporting its effects on health and wellbeing, its co-founders reveal. Many people who took part in its initial research associated with fiber with ‘bits’, so the founders wanted to create a product that was ‘fibre re-imagined’.

“As fiber needs water to work properly to help with digestion, as well as being natural, no calories or carbs and something that we should all be consuming to boost health and wellness, water was the natural choice for combining with prebiotic fiber to create ió fiberwater,” ​says Reid.

The prebiotic water product contains ultra-purified water infused with soluble prebiotic fiber in the form of chicory root fiber and natural fruit flavour. It is this combination, the brand says, that enabled the founders to develop a clear, easy and enjoyable unique solution to boosting prebiotic and dietary fiber intake in addition to hydration.



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