Is evidence in Brighton ax murder case enough?


Attorneys from both sides of a high-profile case known as the Brighton ax murder agreed on one thing Thursday: Evidence in the 40-year-old case is largely circumstantial.

What that means, however, will be left to a jury to decide, as they take on the task Friday of determining whether that evidence – circumstantial or not – is enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that James Krauseneck killed his sleeping wife Cathy with a single blow of an ax to the head in 1982.

Prosecutors called upon jurors to “use common sense to draw reasonable inferences” from the evidence laid before them during two weeks of testimony.

A staged burglary scene, changes in Krauseneck’s routine and signs of marriage and career trouble is proof that “adds up” to Krauseneck’s guilt, prosecutor Pat Gallagher told a jury during closing arguments Thursday.


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