Is Kim Sae Ron Back? Actress Spotted in ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ After DUI Controversy


Kim Sae Ron appeared in an episode of “Kiss Sixth Sense,” which stars Yoon Kye Sang, Kim Ji Suk, and Seo Ji Hye from “Crash Landing on You.” It came after the former teen star was embroiled in a DUI incident that led her to drop out of her upcoming projects.

Is Kim Sae Ron Returning to Activities After ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Featured the Actress

(Photo : Kim Sae Ron Official Instagram)

A month after Kim Sae Ron’s drunk driving scandal, she was spotted in the ninth episode of the Disney Plus original drama.

The said “Kiss Sixth Sense” episode was aired on the 21, where the actress took the role of Haru, a celebrity, Lee Jae Wook. The ninth episode featured Kim Sae Ron’s character appearing in the movie that Hong Ye Seul (Seo Ji Hye) was watching.

According to a report, it also showcased a kiss scene between her and Lee Jae Wook’s role, which captured the viewers’ attention.

Disney Plus Addresses Kim Sae Ron’s Appearance in ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’

Kim Sae Ron

(Photo: Kim Sae Ron Instagram)

Although her guesting in the rom-com fantasy series sparked mixed reactions among the audience, Disney Plus addressed the concern and explained why they opted not to edit out the actress.

In the same report, a representative from the streaming platform said that it is “a pre-produced drama.”

This means that “all content production and editing, including the filming of Kim Sae Ron, who participated in the special appearance, was completed before the incident.”

Moreover, the representative continued and explained that “there will be no scenes in which Kim Sae Ron appears directly in the remaining two episodes.”

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Adding this, Disney Plus asked for the public’s “understanding for any inconvenience caused to viewers.”

Kim Sae Ron’s guest appearance in “Kiss Sixth Sense” comes a month after the car incident.

Kim Sae Ron’s DUI Incident

Kim Sae Ron

(Photo : Gold Medalist Ent. Instagram)

In May, the actress made headlines after being involved in a car accident. Based on reports, Kim Sae Ron was under investigation for driving under the influence of alcohol after she rammed her SUV on public property, causing inconvenience to the motorist and the neighborhood.

With this, the actress requested a blood test to check the alcohol level on her body and was taken to the hospital. As the actress and her agency, Gold Medalist, awaits the test, Kim Sae Ron expressed an apology through her label.

In a statement released by her management, the “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” star “deeply reflected on her wrongdoing” and “sincerely conveys her apology to the many people who were harmed and inconvenienced through this.”

Moreover, she also “promised to do her best to restore the damage” caused by the incident.

Due to Kim Sae Ron’s DUI incident, she stepped down from the SBS Kdrama “Trolley,” where she is among the lead stars. Korea Joongang Daily also reported that the actress also dropped out from Netflix’s “Hunting Dogs” also known as “Bloodhounds.”

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