It’s Alive! Hennessey Shares 1,817-HP Venom F5 Hypercar Birth Announcement

The tuning company posted a video on Instagram of the Venom F5’s engine emitting its first gurgling sounds and photos of the carbon fiber chassis.

Once touted as possibly the first car that could break the 300-mph barrier, the Hennessey Venom F5 has been keeping fans and interested buyers waiting. While that 300-mph barrier has already been breached by a Bugatti Chiron, the project to build the Venom F5 continues. Without so much fanfare, Hennessey announced that its Venom F5 super car has just been born.

Venom F5 Is Born

in on Instagram post, the renowned tuning company announced, “Hennessey Venom F5, born on September 23,2020, weighing 2987 lbs 11 oz.” The short text accompanied a video and two images. The video shows the Hennessey V8 Fury engine letting out a sweet loud purr. The two images are of the engine and Venom F5’s carbon fiber chassis.

There’s quite a number of ways to interpret Hennessey’s announcement. It could be interpreted that the company has finally put all the parts and components together. It could also mean that Hennessey is now ready to let the Venom F5 roll as part of initial tests and validations. Sans a complete video or image of the full car with the engine, it’s a guessing game for Hennessey’s followers.

Progressing to full completion

HotCars reported in July that Hennessey has finally installed the Fury V8 engine on the F5’s chassis. Two months since then, the company is expected to have progressed significantly with its work on the Venom F5. In a span of two months, Hennessey may already have logged several milestones and finally reached the point where it could already announce that the Venom F5 is born.

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Venom F5 is underpinned by a 190-pound carbon fiber monocoque that should be strong enough to handle the extreme power of the Fury V8 engine. According to Hennessey, the engine could provide up to 1,817 hp of output and 1,193 lb.-ft. of torque – for a target top speed of around 310 mph.

Wait Is Over In November

Hennessey said it plans to unveil the new Venom F5 in November 2020, or after around three years of work. The company will build only 24 examples of the hypercar, each priced at around $1.8 million.

Source: Hennessey Performance Engineering

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