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It’s time to start those back to school routines


  • On Good Things Utah this morning – Can you believe it? It’s already time to talk back to school schedules. One author says this: When my oldest son started kindergarten, I was clueless about how to structure his after-school routine. Did he need to eat a snack immediately? Did he need to focus on homework or play? Should I limit screen time after school? We needed a routine, but I had no idea where to start. I ultimately put a call-out on social media begging for my experienced friends to weigh in. Any after-school routine should really be based around the needs of the individual child, says child psychologist Maureen Healy, and all kids need time to decompress after school. “The goal is to build that ‘downtime’ into the day,” Healy says, noting that kids need to “rest, relax, and recharge after a full day of school.” Every kid is different and as they change and grow, their after-school routine may change as well. For school and high school students may need to factor in school sports practices or part-time jobs later on. Tune in for more tips or click here: https://www.romper.com/parenting/after-school-routine-ideas
  • Plus, stop complaining about all that snoring! A new study has shown that sleeping next to your partner helps in improving sleep quality and boosts mental health. shows to have great benefits on sleep health including reduced sleep apnea risk, sleep insomnia intensity, and overall improvement in sleep quality.” A study published in Sleep, the official journal of the Sleep Research Society, has found that people who sleep with their partners have a strong relationship, “lower depression, anxiety, and stress scores, and greater social support.” The study was conducted on 1,000 adults hailing from south-eastern Pennsylvania. The research tried to find out the connection between sleeping partners, sleep quality, and sleep diseases. According to Brandon Fuentes, an undergraduate researcher in the department of psychiatry at the University of Arizona and the lead author of the study, “Sleeping with a romantic partner or spouse actually improves sleep health.”
  • At the end of the show – We leave you with a dad who will go to great lengths for his daughter. This Arkansas-based father has been winning over the hearts of many by joyfully donning his daughter Emily Beaver’s stylish crochet designs. Across several social media platforms, including Instagram, TikTok and more, the dedicated dad can be seen dancing, twirling, laughing and posing in looks from the LoveBeav product line. Emily has been crocheting since 2015 but started noticing her business really take off during the summer of 2021, thanks to social media. When she began scouting her parents to model her designs, the business saw an immediate upswing in attention. “My dad has never been afraid to look silly, especially if he’s having fun doing it, so there was never any hesitation on his part,” Emily told “Good Morning America.” “The most important thing for me and my parents is that we are spending quality time laughing and enjoying what we are doing.” Hope you tune in for these Hot Topics and so much more this morning on GTU Hour 2.

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