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One of the toughest things for single people of all ages is finding that right person to fall in love with. After many strikesouts and frustrations, many give up. Well, if you’re looking, There’s a matchmaker in Naples who is sure she can help.

Mimi, from My Top Matchmaker (mytopmatchmaker.com), is confident that she can help you connect with the perfect match.

“My agency is the top matchmaking agency that represents Southwest Florida singles,” Mimi said.

My Top Matchmaker has been in business for 11 years.

Most singles have heard of—and perhaps tried—dating services like match.com. Mimi’s service is differenthowever. And the difference is Mimi, who has a great deal of  confidence in her abilities.

“I pride myself on making matches using my 24 years of industry experience,” Mimi declared. “I trust in my female intuition when making successful matches.”

Mimi is sort of a dating concierge.

“I optimize hassle free dating by taking care of finding, matching, scheduling, confirming, and arranging tailored matches. I utilize structured verification systems to permit quality dates. All clients undergo a drug test, and a background check, as well as other proprietary screening measures. My day starts with providing advice, guidance, and matches to over 1,200 local clients. My staff and I discuss logistics, crosscheck dating success optimization. I interview new clients in a fun, informative, and time-well-spent free consultation.”

One of the best things about Mimi is that she’s local to Southwest Florida. Her client base stretches from Marco Island to Sarasota. She has offices in Naples and Sarasota as well.

Matchmaking is the only business Mimi knows.

“It’s the only industry I have been working in my whole life. And I have always been passionate about seeing singles turn into couples. Many singles become pessimistic about the opposite sex after divorce and failed relationships. Others suffer from the loss of a spouse and find it hard to replace the union they felt. I truly enjoy the spirited work I do in giving new life, optimism, and romance to bring a spring in each client’s step, one date at a time.

One success story is Bill, 66, and Joan, 57, who met after consulting with Mimi.

“For Bill and Joan,” Mimi began, “taking a dip in the dating pool was a different experience for each. Bill had been married for 40 years. After his wife passed away in 2008, the thought of dating again hadn’t crossed his mind until many years later. Joan had been divorced for 17 years and had dated often during that time. But she said she just didn’t seem to make the connection she was looking for.

“The chemistry between Joan and Bill was instant as they met for dinner on a balmy Florida night.” Mimi said, “They talked the night away until closing time at the restaurant. They married within a year.”

So, what is Mimi’s trick, besides her female intuition, that makes her so successful in bringing people together?

“The first step is for potential clients to visit me and enjoy a free consultation. It allows me to learn about a client’s background. I have a knack for understanding the optimal way to best promote a client’s story to other clients, and I learn this in the free consultation. 

“Everybody has an interesting life, and backstory, that makes them desirable. I’m good at gently coaxing out the best details that I know will lead to quality representation. In figuring out who I match as a pair, it always comes down to one thing that I trust more than anything else, and that’s my opinion.”



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