Pishachini actor Harsh Rajput reacts to dating rumours with Aneri Vajani


Harsh Rajput is one such actor, who has created a niche for himself by working in supernatural shows. He is all set to be seen in another show of the same genre, titled, Pishachini. It also features Jiya Banerjee and Nyrraa Banerji in equally pivotal roles. The actor is inclined towards this genre and feels that it brings out the ‘best’ in him as an actor. Ahead of the show’s premiere, Pinkvilla spoke exclusively to Harsh and asked a few questions ranging from his professional life to his personal life.

Harsh on his inclination towards the supernatural genre

Talking about his inclination towards supernatural shows and doing Pishachini now, Harsh Rajput said, “Many people have asked me earlier too why is there so much inclination towards this particular genre. I think you get to do a lot of things in this genre, which A normal social show won’t allow you with that much creative liberty. This genre gets very tough because you are doing something, which is not real. a conviction for the audience to believe it.”

Sharing the kind of responses he’s getting for Pishachini, Haarsh said, “The responses are positive. Industry colleagues, friends, and family are loving it and are waiting for August 8 to come.” He also spoke about collaborating with Nyrraa Banerji and Jiya Shankar, and called them ‘wonderful’ actresses and human beings. “Usually, when you are working with two actors, there is a thing called the ice, which you have to break it but when we were shooting for the first time, nothing of that sort happened. Our ice was already broken and it didn’ t feel like we are shooting for the first time.

Initially, Harsh said no to Pishachini

While Harsh may love this genre but he initially was hesitant to take up this offer, here’s why. “When it came to me, I thought I am going to play a supernatural character again but this time I am human and I don’t have any superpowers. This is one of the reasons that I am on the show. The character is something that I have never done, and there’s a lot of challenge in playing such a character, which has so many shades and flows like water with time.

On dating rumours with Aneri Vajani

Recently, there were reports that Harsh and Aneri Vajani are dating each other. When Pinkvilla asked Harsh about these rumours, he said, “You can’t do anything about it. Especially if you are in this field and you are seen with someone just having a coffee also, people are going to spread the rumour that something is happening and you do nothing about it. I can’t go and shut people’s mouths. It has been going on now and I know what is happening. So, I don’t have to give a justification.”

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