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Eve or Eve’s Scandal (이브의 스캔들) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Melodrama written by Yoon Young-mi and directed by Park Bong-sub. The drama stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob and Yoo Sun in leading roles. The series will run for 16 episodes. Eve Episode 8 has a runtime of 67 minutes.

– Eve Episode 8 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Eve Episode 8, Lee Ra-el has disappeared and no one has been able to contact her. So-ra’s car crashes into Ra-el’s bodyguard’s car and makes it into the news just when Yoon-gyeom has been planning a big move. The vice president of the LY group says that he will handle the matter and close down the news. Yoon-gyeom is enraged and interrogates So-ra. Instead of answering his questions, So-ra asks him if he has a mistress.

Still from Eve Episode 8

Kang Yoon-gyeom denies her allegation twice but So-ra catches his lie and tells him that she will find who the woman is. So-ra goes to the police station and instead of confessing her crime, she tells the police that the car that she crashed into is hers and was stolen. The police find the car driver and So-ra kidnaps Ra-el’s bodyguard before she could escape the country. So-ra calls Ra-el from the bodyguard’s phone and Ra-el promises to meet her at noon the next day.

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The next day is So-ra’s daughter, Da-bi’s birthday party but So-ra is waiting desperately for the woman to arrive. Ra-el arrives late at the party and pretends to not know what So-ra is going through. When So-ra tells Ra-el that the woman asked to meet her but ran away in fear, Ra-el brings out her real face. She tells So-ra that she hasn’t run away and has arrived on time. It takes a while for So-ra to realize that Ra-el is Yoon-gyeom’s mistress. She tells So-ra how her husband is irresistible which makes So-ra lose her mind.

Eve Episode 8
Still from Eve Episode 8

Before leaving the party, Ra-el tells Yoong-gyeom that they cannot be together anymore because So-ra knows about them. Yoon-gyeom doesn’t want it to end and Ra-el is playing on his feelings to make him more greedy for wanting her. Ra-el goes back to her husband’s home where she makes him confess about what he did during the Gediks company takeover. Yoon-gyeom launches his new venture LY Pay and shocks all the investors including his father and father-in-law.

Eve Episode 8 Ending

Yoon-gyeom’s father and father-in-law get into a dogfight with each when they find out that Yoon-gyeom is about to take over the entire company. On the other hand, Yoon-gyeom is celebrating the new launch but misses Ra-el. He wants to see her but she refuses to do so because of So-ra. He goes to see her at home and her mother makes him go away saying Ra-el’s husband knows about them. Yoon-gyeom goes back to the office and receives a gift from Ra-el.

Eve OST: Hold Me Tight By Kim Ye-ji

Ra-el shows up at Yoon-gyeom’s office and he hugs her passionately. However, her husband comes and starts shouting at Yoon-gyeom. Yoon-gyeom threatens him saying he will get what he wants and in a legal way as well, indicating the divorce between Ra-el and her husband. While this drama goes on, So-ra has been running away from her father scared.

Eve Episode 8 Review

Eve Episode 8 brings a new side of Lee Ra-el. She is not hiding things anymore and her body posture has changed as well. However, she is still a different person next to Yoon-gyeom. He is getting crazy over Ra-el and she knows her way to take its full advantage but her fake mom is not in her favor and could mess up her plan.

Eve Episode 8 is available to watch on Viki.

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