Stimpson a true Tecumseh supporter

Because of my position at the city, I am often asked by visitors or leaders from other communities: What is the secret to the success of downtown Tecumseh? How has your downtown flourished, while others have struggled?

My first answer is always “our small business owners.” Nowhere else that I have worked or lived have I seen a group of business owners who are so willing to help each other out and realize that the success of others around them will contribute to their success.

I often share the story of Tecumseh Bread & Pastry that was able to start business because 3 Dudes and Dinner invited them to use their commercial kitchen until they could afford a storefront of their own. I give the example of the owner of Union Block Suites, who has rehabilitated several buildings downtown, which has allowed Musgrove Coffee and Paper Street Soap to open.

David Stimpson

Another name that rises to the top is Dave Stimpson. Dave has spent the last 15 years investing in our downtown and helping other small business owners. He has volunteered on the Downtown Development Authority for almost a decade. Dave started with the historic Bidwell Building, bringing a landmark building back to life and making it possible to host several small retail and office tenants. Then there was the dilapidated and blighted Eagles building on S. Evans Street, which is now a modern dance studio thanks to Dave. When Gray Fox Floral suffered its devastating fire, Dave offered to put the Eagles building renovations on hold and host their business until their building was re-built.

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