Trapped in a Dating Sim’s Season 1 Finale Teases New Hardships for Leon


The following contains spoilers for Episode 12 of Trapped in a Dating Sim, “No Matter How Tough the World of Otome Games Is,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The season finale of Trapped in a Dating Sim pits the snarky isekai antihero Leon Bartfort against his greatest nemesis yet: the veteran Armor pilot Sir Vandel the Black Knight of the Fanoss Providence. This final mecha battle will decide the fate of two realms, but Leon doesn’t fully appreciate the gravity of what is happening.

Whether Leon wins or loses this historic battle, he has a problem that only his enemies recognize. If he is not careful, this problem will come back to bite him, and even Sir Vandel is gracious enough to give him fair warning about it. And it comes just in time, as the otome game’s villainess Marie might be plotting something, too.

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Leon engages the powerhouse Sir Vandel in single combat but struggles at first against his opponent’s superior technique. Tellingly, Leon refuses to use the power of his flagship, the Partner, even when Luxion urges him to. Leon cannot stand the idea of ​​creating excessive collateral damage, even if he must risk losing a duel in the process. This is the protagonist’s noble side, and fortunately he can get away with it here in Episode 12. Any other character, such as the himedere Angelica or the obnoxious prince Julius, would pay dearly for holding back against such a foe.

Leon narrowly wins the battle against Sir Vandel when he exits his badly-damaged Armor and threatens the Black Knight in person with a sawed-off shotgun, leading Vandel to concede the duel. The Fanoss fleet is lost, but Leon’s victory is not a perfect one. Sir Vandel promises him that such mercy is a mercy, and if Leon keeps sparing his defeated enemies, all those bitter foes will surely strike again and cause more trouble later.

Sure enough, Leon has already made enemies out of Marie, Julius and even Stephanie Offrey, the one who manipulated the sky pirate fleet more recently in Trapped in a Dating Sim. Leon now has many hostile parties who want round two, and now Sir Vandel might be counted among them. Leon’s merciful ways may soon be his downfall, or at least complicate his life even more and lead him further away from the idyllic life he craves.

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Later in Episode 12, Leon receives public admiration back at the school and even a distinguished service award from every noble and royal family. It looks like a moment of triumph, and Leon’s life seemingly returns to normal. However, Sir Vandel’s words still hang over his head, and this peace may not last for long. Leon has plenty of vengeful enemies on his hands and still lives in a world unfriendly to thirdborn sons — especially those who get delusions of grandeur.

On top of that, Leon’s reincarnated sister Marie continues her grudge against her brother, and she might even become Olivia’s enemy as well. During Leon’s award ceremony, Marie is seen holding one of the three Saint magical artifacts, the items needed to help Olivia realize destiny as the Saint magical girl. Marie has somehow gotten ahead of Olivia on that quest, and she just might find the other two artifacts soon.

If Olivia’s destiny is threatened by this new development, Leon will have little choice but to intervene, and Marie will become a more powerful and threatening enemy than ever before. If Trapped in a Dating Sim gets a Season 2, no doubt the quest for Sainthood will play a major role while Leon’s enemies will be many. Sir Vandel’s grim warning will likely become a reality.


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