Why couples who met in the pandemic are finding life post-lockdowns a challenge


Couples who met just before or during the pandemic have started trickling into my Melbourne therapy room.

I can spot them quite easily. They’re intense relationships that came together fast and reached levels of commitment a lot quicker than they would have if they’d met under more normal circumstances.

And that’s obviously because the way we socialise changed at the start of the pandemic when the people we could see were governed and restricted.

If you lived on your own, you couldn’t see your family, friends or colleagues, and so naturally finding someone new to share life with and investing everything in them provided a sense of moving forward — even though the rest of life was on pause .

Because of this, some of these couples moved in together really quickly — like a few weeks after meeting.

As the pandemic raged on around them, while they were living in such proximity after so little time, these couples saw each other at their worst almost immediately.

They went through really stressful events like lockdowns together and came out the other side, which has made a lot of them feel like there was nothing they couldn’t face as couples; they had already faced it.



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